Out-of-the-Box Solutions!

You have a particular software need? You might not be the first one; there's probably a free software solution already waiting for you.


Outsourced Product Development

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OPD is the best way to keep focus on your business while getting top notch IT and experts working on your product or business need.


IT Consulting

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Do you need to shape your need and understand your options to get more out of your software investment? Need to validate/develop your idea with an expert?


Why Free Software?

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Do you really want to build "matches" when there's probably already FREE "lighters" to be used?

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Why Agile?

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Ok. You've convinced us. We have to build it and you want it quickly. Now... what's the smartest way to do it?

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Why on the Cloud?

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Yeii !! We have the software. Now... you want to get complicated by owning it... or you just wanna use it?

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Why Ecuador?

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What's happening in this small but dynamic country? Why is it turning into the smartest choice for IT needs in LatAm?

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Why Us?

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IT solutions end up in long term, win-win partnerships with your IT providers. What kind of partner do you want?

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